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An Introduction to the “Dialogue Encounters on National Issues”

1997| Kamal Feghali
Displacement in Lebanon: A Strategy for Return and Development
A report on policy towards the displaced in Lebanon. It examines the status of the displaced after the war, reviews the effects of displacement on Lebanese society, and addresses the...

1997| Wassim Shahin and Kamal Shehadi (eds)
Pathways to Integration: Lebanon and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
A collection of papers presented at a conference titled "Lebanon and EURO-Mediterranean Partnership", intended to inform decision making in Lebanon and clarify the challenges and opportunities of integration with Europe.

1997| David Mathews and Afif Talhouk (translator)
Politics for the People: the Search for a Responsible Popular Voice
A book that describes the process through which Americans become politically engaged, built civic communities, and generate political energy or public will. It presents the gap between the government and...

1997| Toufiq Jaber
The Agriculture Sector in Lebanon: Analysis and Prospects
A monograph that assesses the performance of the agriculture sector in Lebanon as well as government policies and initiatives geared towards improving and developing the agricultural sector.

1997| Fares Sassine
The Lebanese Parliament 1992-1996
A book focusing on the performance of the 1992-1996 Parliament as the legislative branch of the Lebanese government.

1997| Naji Chamieh and Jihad Issa
Towards an Environmental Policy in Lebanon
A monograph on environmental policy in Lebanon that provides a description of the state of the environment in Lebanon and addresses and provides recommendations for interrelated environmental issues including government...

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