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1998| Abdallah Dah, Hussein Hijazi
Income Distribution, Rate of Expenditure, and the Phenomenon of Poverty in Lebanon
Focuses on poverty in the wake of Lebanon’s civil war and its relation to income distribution and expenditures. The book also suggests specific social and economic policies that could potentially...

1998| Fares Abi Saab (ed.)
Legislative Elections 1996: The Crisis of Democracy
A comprehensive book on the 1996 legislative elections. It presents the results from Lebanon’s five electoral regions and analyzes the social changes resulting from the parliamentary elections. The book also...

1998| Issam al-Jurdi
The Partition of the Labor Union: April 24, 1997
Examines the controversial elections to the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers (GCLW) in April 1997. Marred by intervention from the government, the elections casted doubt upon the independence of labor....

1998| Fares Abi Saab (ed.)
The Reality of Municipalities in Lebanon: Obstacles to Local Participation and Balanced Development
Examines the condition of municipalities across Lebanon by analyzing the relationship between local bodies and the central government. The book highlights key problems faced by municipalities and provides recommendations for...

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