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2002| Fares Abi Saab, Wassim Harb, Roger Melki, Dima Sader
Cultural Industries in Lebanon
A discussion examining the several cultural industries in Lebanon , especially the book, music, and cinema industries. The book measures their impact on and importance for the Lebanese economy, and...

2002| Fares Abi Saab, Sami Atallah, Ziad Baroud, Mona Harb Al-Kak, Dima Sader
Municipal Development in Lebanon: A Survey Research and Critical Review
A book representing the latest study of Lebanon’s municipal experience during the first three years following the 1998 postwar municipal elections. Based on a survey that covered 350 municipalities (around...

2002| Farid El-Khazen
Political Parties in Lebanon: The Limits of Democracy within the Parties
A study focusing on political parties in Lebanon that highlights the limits of democracy within their structure and organizational and political behavior. The book consists of five sections: the historical...

2002| Melhem Chaoul, Hanna El-Hajj, Farid El-Khazen, Marguerite Helou, Tristan Khayyat, Salim Nasr, Hoda Rizk
The Legislative Elections 2000: Between Reproduction and Change
An analysis of the 2000 legislative elections, focusing on the political changes in the framework of postwar reconstruction in Lebanon. The book primarily relies on an investigative survey measuring indications...

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