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2003| Adnan Al Amin, Joey Ghaleb, Wassim Harb, Abdo Kaï, Abla Mahiou, Ibrahim Maroun, Roger Melki, Charbel Nahhas, Maral Toutenia
National Statistics and Development in Lebanon
A book presenting papers from a 2002 workshop titled "National Statistics and Development in Lebanon". The workshop contributed to an informed public debate that explored the main challenges in gathering...

2003| Georges Assaf, Abdel Fatah El-Jibali, Kamal Hamdan, Joey Ghaleb, Rida Maamari, Kamel Mohanna, Charbel Nahas
Poverty and Social Development in Lebanon
A book presented by a number of Lebanese social and economic researchers which aims to evaluate the phenomenon of poverty in Lebanon, poverty related post-war economic policies, and their effect...

2003| Fares Abi Saab, Fadia Al Amin, Rouhi Baalbaki, Fourat El-Achkar, Adnan Hammoud, Salim Nasr, Maude Stephan, and Nadim Tarazi
The Book Industry in Lebanon
A book following up on the discussion of a 2002 workshop titled "The Book Industry in Lebanon". This workshop aimed to better define and estimate the input of the book...

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