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January 1996
Policy Paper on the Environment in Lebanon, 1996.

January 1996| Dr. Elie Yashouie
Towards an Industrial Strategy for Lebanon - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)
This paper focuses on the problems and opportunities facing Lebanese industry. It also examines industrial policy and suggests implementing more favorable government policies. This paper contributed to a larger study...

January 1996| Dr. Najib Issa
The Labor Market and Labor Policy in Lebanon - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)
This  paper focuses on the issues facing Lebanon’s labor market. The paper outlines various ways to improve employment and production, including developing a national data bank on labor supply and...

January 1996
Budgetary Politics in Lebanon: A Memorandum for Public Discussion - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)
Through an in-depth review of the proposed 1997 budget, this paper analyzes key issues in Lebanon’s public finances. By discussing the country’s economic situation and comparing it with the pre-war...

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