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December 2015| Jad Chaaban and Jana Harb
Macroeconomic implications of windfall oil and gas revenues in Lebanon
The potential for a major discovery of offshore hydrocarbon resources in Lebanon raises concerns about its macroeconomic implications, specifically the Dutch disease phenomenon. This paper first explores whether the Lebanese...

November 2015| Reinoud Leenders
Spoils of oil? Assessing and mitigating the risks of corruption in Lebanon’s emerging offshore petroleum sector
To be fully prepared for Lebanon’s possible transformation into a major oil and gas producer, the risks of corruption in connection to its nascent petroleum sector need to be better...

July 2015| Carole Nakhle
Licensing and Upstream Petroleum Fiscal Regimes: Assessing Lebanon’s Choices
Doubts have been raised and criticisms continue to be made about Lebanon’s choice of upstream petroleum fiscal terms and strategies to award oil and gas licenses. This is not surprising given the...

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