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January 1996
Associational Life and Public Space in Beirut: Dialectics of Unity and Diversity
A report analyzing civil society in Beirut. It classified the types of associations in Beirut and provided a historical chronology of their development and the legal and political framework within...

January 1996
Survey of Lebanese Companies to Assess the Impact of the Proposed EU-Lebanese Partnership Agreement, 1996.
A report assessing the impact of the potential EU-Lebanese Partnership Agreement on the Lebanese economy, and more specifically on the Lebanese industry. The study consisted of interviewing 120 different firms...

January 1996
The Hotel and Restaurant Industries in Lebanon
A study reviewing the structure and performance of the hotel and restaurant industries in Lebanon. The report featured data concerning various aspects of each industry, such as pre war tourism...

January 1996| Ziad Majed
The Issue of the Health System in Lebanon
A report examining the Lebanese health system and its exorbitantly high costs. In hopes of identifying a solution to decrease the cost of medical services, the report presents a series...

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