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January 1998
An agenda for National Dialogue 1996-2000
A proceedings report resulting from a conference aimed at promoting a three-way dialogue between the government, various opposition groups, and experts on issues facing post-war Lebanon. The report discusses key...

January 1998
Institutional and Fiscal Review of the Municipal Sector in Lebanon
A study involving a field examination of six municipalities and their fiscal and internal structure.  The report identifies several problems facing these municipalities, including tax collection, budgeting, and service provision....

January 1998| Rosie Nasser, Thamar Kechichian (eds.),
Lebanon and Europe: Forging New Partnerships
Includes a selection of five working papers on the formation of joint ventures between Lebanon and European countries. The papers were presented at a conference organized by the Lebanese Center...

January 1998
Participation and Development -Preparation for MDF3

January 1998
Strategic Options for the Agriculture and the Agri-Food Industry in a Dynamic Global Environment
A report on how the Lebanese agricultural and agri-food industry has been neglected and deprived of a proper development strategy. The study aims to examine the competitiveness of the agri-food...

January 1998
Transparency and Accountability in the Provision of Public Services
A proceedings report assessing the quality of various public social and financial services delivered to citizens. It consists of six research papers that describe the different services provided by the...

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