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February 01, 2013
LCPS Endorses the Implementation of the National Commission Electoral Law

In the midst of the debate on electoral reform, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies calls for the adoption of the National Commission Electoral law (better known as the Fouad Boutros Law), a voting system that combines proportional representation with a majoritarian system.
The current system does not provide fair political representation as it gives those with a simple majority disproportionate power at the expense of other political groups. Moreover, the Orthodox proposal in which voters elect their sectarian representatives will function as a harmful, divisive force in Lebanon if implemented.
Therefore, LCPS fully endorses the implementation of the Fouad Boutros law, drafted by the National Commission. This independent committee, appointed by the government and composed of experts, incorporated the concerns and demands of all Lebanese parties and political movement in its proposal. The law addresses the concerns of the traditional leadership and at the same time offers the possibility to represent all minorities and political movements in the country. More...

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