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    Oct 06, 2022

    Higher Education in Lebanon during Compounded Crises: Collapse, Survival, and Growth

    • LCPS
    Universities are microcosms of the society. As institutions of higher education, they shape the ideas and thought processes of successive generations and allow for societal transformations. By doing so, they build towards sustainable development. Since the compounded crises that emerged in 2019, Lebanon has experienced an economic downward spiral that has destabilized the higher education sector. While a few universities appear to be recovering, others continue to struggle. The existential crisis of Lebanese higher education threatens the resilience, recovery, and sustainable development of an already fragile country.

    1. How have the compounded crises in Lebanon impacted public and private universities from 2019 onward?

    2. What are the adaptation strategies that were developed by institutions of higher education to combat continuous crises and what were their financial impacts on access to education?

    3. How should national and university-based policies develop to strengthen universities’ resilience and equip them to face current and future crises?

    To answer these questions, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies in cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund invites you to a webinar launching the research conducted by LCPS Research Associate Dr. Bassel Akar around Higher Education in Lebanon during Compounded Crises. The webinar will include commentaries from leading educational experts in Lebanon and will allow for an interactive Q&A session.  

    We look forward to your participation. Kindly find attached the agenda of the conference.


    Makram Ouaiss
    Executive Director, The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies

    Bassel Akar
    Research Associate, The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies

    Mazen Khatib
    Acting Director General of Higher Education
    Ministry of Education and Higher Education 

    Suzanne Abdul-Reda 
    Faculty Member at the Faculty of Education and Master’s Programs’ General Coordinator, Lebanese University and President, Lebanese Association for Educational Studies
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