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    Oct 25, 2022
    Episode 31:Rethinking Financing Tools and Vehicles for Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship in Lebanon

    Nicolas Photiades, financial advisor and founder of Orion Financial Solutions, discusses with Lina Maddah the impact of the crises on NDEs in rural areas, from a financial point of view. The podcast addresses the development and integration of alternative financing vehicles and tools (both conventional and digital) that can support rural entrepreneurship during the crises, and afterward, on a more strategic level.  


    Nicolas Photiades is an investment banker and financial advisor with over 30 years of experience in London, Paris, and the MENA region. He is the founder and managing partner (since 2002) of Orion Financial Solutions. Nicholas specializes in debt restructuring, financing diversification, capital markets, equity, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions. He also has extensive experience in banking development and credit rating. Mr. Photiades holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Investment from the University of Exeter in the UK and a BA in Economics from the American University of Beirut (AUB). 

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