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October 01, 2015 | English
About Administrative Decentralization in Lebanon

As part of LCPS’s mission to disseminate policy research findings to decision makers, experts, and the wider public, this booklet presents facts and figures about the oil and gas sector in Lebanon, which we hope will contribute to a better understanding and perspective on the significance of the sector locally and internationally, as well as what the sector’s governance and sound development entails.
The booklet is divided into three main sections. The first section introduces the Lebanese energy sector and highlights the importance of petroleum to the Lebanese economy. The second section, ‘Where We Stand’, offers a description of Lebanon’s potential reserves and the progress of the sector compared to regional and international players, as well as the sector's institutional and fiscal framework. The final section, ‘The Way Forward, presents the challenges that will eventually need to be addressed in the sector. This booklet combines information from LCPS research as well as external sources, which has been simplified and visually represented for those interested in learning about the oil and gas sector.

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