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17 April, 2014
حلقة حوار مغلقة ناقشت مسودة مشروع قانون اللامركزية الادارية
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20 March, 2014
النفط والغاز: إدارة التوقعات وعدم تسييس القطاع
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18 March, 2014
The Daily Star
Depoliticize Lebanon’s gas and oil
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Research projects

Advocating a Parliament for Citizens
A project aimed at enhancing the role of the Lebanese parliament so that it meets citizens needs
Specific objectives:
-Advocate the reform of the parliament...
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Role of Political brokers in Mobilizing and Influencing the electorates
A project aimed at gaining a better understanding of electoral behaviour in Lebanon by examining relationship between voters and politicians. This project complements LCPS previous...
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Enhancing Democracy through Public-Private Dialogue
A project aimed at encouraging participatory public policymaking affecting the industrial sector in Lebanon through effective public-private dialogue.
Building on the previous CIPE-LCPS project to...
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March 2014 / Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik German Institute for International and Security Affairs
Divisive Rule
After long-ruling autocrats were toppled in Tunisia and Egypt in early 2011, a wave of public protests against authoritarianism, corruption, and state in-competence swept across...
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February 2014 / Chatham House
Syria and Its Neighbours: Regional Dimensions of the Conflict
This paper is a summary of discussions at a closed-door expert workshop convened by Chatham
House in partnership with the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF)...
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October 2013 / The World Bank
Lebanon Economic Monitor: The Brunt of the Syrian Conflict
Spillovers from the Syrian conflict are imposing a heavy toll on Lebanon’s economy which, under an unchanged environment, is projected to grow by 1.5 percent...
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of Lebanese youth are satisfied with the way democracy is exercised in Lebanon


of Lebanese youth have confidence in the Lebanese parliament


of Lebanese youth feel that the job market in Lebanon provides equal opportunities for all candidates


of students from private universities perceive that an MP should provide personal services, as opposed to 6% of students from public universities


of students from a middle income family agree that the role of an MP is to provide personal services, as opposed to 8% of those coming from low income families

Featured Analysis


December 2013
Impact of Regional Developments on Lebanon’s Political Stability
The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), organized a roundtable discussion on the impact of regional developments on Lebanon’s political stability on...
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December 2013
The Impact of the Syrian Conflict on the Lebanese Economy
The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), organized a roundtable discussion on the impact of the Syrian conflict on the Lebanese economy...
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November 2013
Protecting the Environment: Good Governance and Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Sector
LCPS and the LPA, in collaboration with the MoE, held a closed roundtable discussion to exchange experiences and views on the environmental challenges resulting from the potential discovery of oil...
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