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Administrative Decentralization in Lebanon
A book providing an analysis of the condition of decentralized administration and local government in Lebanon, and recommendations for reform.

Petroleum Sector Guide for Lebanon
Analyzes the status of energy in Lebanon’s national economy and its effects on the country’s standard of living. The book provides information on Lebanon’s importation, exportation, distribution, consumption, and pricing...

The Labor Market and Labor Policy in Lebanon
Focuses on ways to improve employment and production in relation to the government’s social and economic policies. In order to decrease unemployment and address the uncertainties facing Lebanese labor following...

The Techniques of Electoral Fraud and Ways to Combat it
A monograph describing the fraud techniques used before and during the parliamentary election process. The monograph also provides recommendations to curb these violations.

1996| Elie Yashouie
Towards an Industrial Strategy for Lebanon
Provides a detailed account of Lebanon’s industrial sector by examining the implications of having neither an official industrial policy nor a clear strategy for economic development. The book also outlines...

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