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October 2018| Mounir Mahmalat, Sami Atallah
Why does Lebanon need CEDRE?
“The CEDRE conference provided another opportunity for the Lebanese government to seek international support for investments in...

July 2018| Valerie Marcel
Establishing a National Oil Company in Lebanon
This policy brief reviews possible roles for a national oil company (NOC) in Lebanon and their appropriateness at various stages of development. Specifically, it addresses the optimal timing for creating...

July 2018| Bassam Fattouh
Lebanon Needs Clear Policy Prescriptions for Spending Petroleum Revenues
Lebanon’s waters are believed to hold large hydrocarbon reserves, making offshore Lebanon an attractive location for oil and gas companies. While developing and monetizing these reserves will entail many geological...

May 2018| Laura Paler, Leslie Marshall, and Sami Atallah
The Fear of Supporting Political Reform
This brief examines the extent to which people are willing to support political reform in Lebanon. Using a randomized petition experiment with 2,496 citizens across the country, it is demonstrated...

February 2018| Dima Mahdi
Understanding Refugee Politics in Lebanon and Calls for Repatriation
Lebanon currently hosts more than 1 million Syrian refugees, accounting for the highest number of refugees per capita in a single country worldwide.
Even as the Syrian crisis has entered...

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