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September 2016| Valerie Marcel
Establishing a National Oil Company in Lebanon
This paper reviews possible roles for a national oil company (NOC) in Lebanon and their appropriateness at various stages of development. Specifically, it addresses when the right time to create...

August 2016| Bassam Fattouh and Lavan Mahadeva
Managing Oil and Gas Revenues in Lebanon
This paper highlights some key features associated with Lebanon that may directly affect the choices its government makes regarding the best management of revenues from its potential oil and gas...

May 2016| Ricardo Khoury and Dima Alhaj
Strengthening Environmental Governance of the Oil and Gas Sector in Lebanon
In light of potential petroleum production commencing off the coast of Lebanon in the near to medium future, it is necessary to consider the environmental impact and risk of petroleum...

February 2016| Ata Richard Elias
Estimating the Size of the Levantine East Mediterranean Hydrocarbon Basin
Estimates of subterranean petroleum deposits are an important indicator of whether a commercial extraction venture is viable. Any state seeking to capitalize on such a resource will need to go...

January 2016| Bassam Fattouh and Laura El-Katiri
Lebanon’s Gas Trading Options
The successful development of Lebanon’s offshore gas resources could turn Lebanon into a self-sufficient producer and a potential exporter of natural gas. Central to the government’s objectives of maximizing economic...

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