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Policy Papers

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A Framework for Reducing the Lebanese Budget Deficit - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)


A Snapshot of Parliamentary Election Results


Analysis of Platforms in Lebanon's 2018 Parliamentary Election


Budgetary Politics in Lebanon: A Memorandum for Public Discussion - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)


Establishing a National Oil Company in Lebanon


Estimating the Size of the Levantine East Mediterranean Hydrocarbon Basin


Industrial Safety and the Work Environment in Lebanese Industry


Law and Politics of “Safe Zones” and Forced Return to Syria: Refugee Politics in Lebanon


Lebanon at an Economic Crossroad- The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)


Lebanon’s Gas Trading Options


Lebanon’s Parliamentary Election of 2018: Seats, Coalitions, and Candidate Profiles


Licensing and Upstream Petroleum Fiscal Regimes: Assessing Lebanon’s Choices


Macroeconomic implications of windfall oil and gas revenues in Lebanon


Managing Oil and Gas Revenues in Lebanon


Policy Paper on the Environment in Lebanon, 1996.


Spoils of oil? Assessing and mitigating the risks of corruption in Lebanon’s emerging offshore petroleum sector


Strengthening Environmental Governance of the Oil and Gas Sector in Lebanon


The Agriculture Sector in Lebanon: Analysis, Prospects, and Policy Recommendations to Facilitate Sectoral Development - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)


The Distributional Impact of Taxes in Lebanon: Analysis and Policy Implications - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)


The Economic and Social Impact of Mobile Source Pollution in Beirut


The economic cost of political instability


The Labor Market and Labor Policy in Lebanon - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)


Towards an Industrial Strategy for Lebanon - The Lebanese Economic Tribune (LET)


Where do Lebanese Political Groups Stand on Policy Questions? An Analysis of Electoral Platforms


Youth employment in Lebanon: Skilled and jobless


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