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2001| Wassim Harb, Azza Wehbe, Raghid El-Solh, Ahmad Zein, and Ali Sawi
Arab Parliamentary Development
Consists of a set of comparative studies concerning parliamentary work, specifically concerning the legislative experiences of Arab parliaments, their supervisory role over the corresponding executive authorities, and the framework of...

1993| Farid el-Khazen, Paul Salem (ed.)
Lebanon's First Postwar Elections: Facts, Figures, and Analysis
A detailed and comprehensive study of Lebanon’s first postwar parliamentary elections. The book aims to promote the continuation of democracy in Lebanon by initiating a dialogue on the electoral process. 

1998| Fares Abi Saab (ed.)
Legislative Elections 1996: The Crisis of Democracy
A comprehensive book on the 1996 legislative elections. It presents the results from Lebanon’s five electoral regions and analyzes the social changes resulting from the parliamentary elections. The book also...

Métamorphose des Figures du Leadership au Liban. Champs et Contrechamps des Elections Législatives de 2009.
A book analyzing the Lebanese parliamentary elections of 2009 from a political sociology approach. It examines the transformation of leadership by analyzing the elections in the Caza of Jbeil and...

Parliamentary Reforms: The Importance of Parliamentary Research and Information Services
A book compiling a series of articles and papers which were presented at the regional workshop held in Lebanon and supported by Konrad Adenauer. Participants from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Maghreb,...

1999| Fares Abi Saab (ed.)
The Lebanese Municipal Elections of 1998: The Travails of Democracy within the Structures of Local Communities
A collective report on the municipal election process in Lebanon. The book contains analytical studies on the sociological, legal, and political dimensions of municipal elections. It also highlights several social...

1997| Fares Sassine
The Lebanese Parliament 1992-1996
A book focusing on the performance of the 1992-1996 Parliament as the legislative branch of the Lebanese government.

2002| Melhem Chaoul, Hanna El-Hajj, Farid El-Khazen, Marguerite Helou, Tristan Khayyat, Salim Nasr, Hoda Rizk
The Legislative Elections 2000: Between Reproduction and Change
An analysis of the 2000 legislative elections, focusing on the political changes in the framework of postwar reconstruction in Lebanon. The book primarily relies on an investigative survey measuring indications...

The Legislative Elections 2005
A book providing an analytical review of the transformations that preceded and accompanied the 2005 electoral process in Lebanon. It also illuminates the challenges and obstacles facing the electoral process based on field...

The Techniques of Electoral Fraud and Ways to Combat it
A monograph describing the fraud techniques used before and during the parliamentary election process. The monograph also provides recommendations to curb these violations.

Youth and Political Participation in the Arab World: Failed Choices and Paths for Change
A book publishing a series of papers which were submitted for the regional workshop on Youth and Political Participation hosted with the support of Konrad Adenauer. The papers focus on...

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